Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Our next posting of student work comes from Noah Bisset. Noah is a sophomore at the Griffin School, and has been taking classes at ASoF for several years. He created the work below as a part of our avant-garde and experimental film class.

In his thought provoking film, $15HR Noah tried to express his fears and anxieties about becoming an
office worker, "I don't think I could stand working a desk job for the rest
of my life. I showed life working in a cubicle and life in an insane
asylum, both of which are equally frightening to me." Noah's film challenges the audience and takes them on an interesting and haunting journey.

Noah says that, "One of the reasons I like avant-garde film making is shooting on Super-8 film, which is more of an experience than point-and-shoot cameras. Avant-garde cinema interests me because it's so artistic and different, unlike most mainstream films coming out today, which seem to be mostly repackaged jokes accompanied by uninteresting footage." $15HR is an original and well crafted film, and could never be considered uninteresting. We're grateful to Noah for sharing his work and proud to have him be a part of ASoF.

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